Private 1:1 coaching
+ Rebirth Ceremony

Subconscious Rewiring + Energy Mastery + PLAY

A 4-month deep dive into playful co-creation with Divine Energy for seers, soul-led leaders, and those answering the call to activate and embody the next level of their higher purpose, with joy.

15 weeks of private 1:1 virtual coaching + 1 week-long curated, bespoke in-person rebirthing 
ceremony in Mexico.

A journey toward

The Play Alchemy Private 1:1 Coaching + REBIRTH Ceremony is designed to create a deeper, more consistent connection between the body, mind, heart, and spirit, and open pathways to overcome the patterns and programs that prevent you from experiencing greater levels of authenticity, fulfillment, and joy.

Drawing what you want into your reality requires a delicate balance between three profound energies:

Planning and taking inspired action to create a desired result.

Aligning with and embodying the energetic vibration of the desired result.

The emotion evoked by great delight or happiness from within. 

Play Alchemy REBIRTH is a uniquely curated and bespoke coaching experience that utilizes the wisdom of all 3 energies in unison with breathwork, somatic meditation, and exercises to help you become and sustain being a vibrational match for the reality you desire to create.
I’m Ready For This Transformation!


Hi, I’m Majida!

One of the hardest things for me to accept and admit to myself was how much my own needs, desires, and overall happiness were not one of my own top priorities.

I started realizing just how much not being my authentic self and not making myself a priority led me to playing small, creating a life that I hated, and feeling like a piece of me was missing.


I hated my job.


I dated men who were avoidant, unavailable, and narcissistic (that wasn’t fun).


I doubted my worth.


I stopped trusting my intuition.


I was hyper-focused, super-serious, and driven to a fault … all in attempt to create something that I could feel good about, despite the rest of my life feeling crappy.


And, I have been stuck in hustle mentality, disconnected from my feminine energy, and had not yet learned to slow down and put my feminine energy and masculine energy into balance.

No matter how much I tried, I didn’t know how to change my reality to one that I was absolutely THRILLED TO LIVE nor how to create the profound, lasting change that I was looking for.

I had no idea how to transform myself into the Beautiful, Divinely Aligned Queen that now stands before you - confidently telling you the story of what once was her difficult truth.

I didn’t yet recognize the multi-dimensional transformative power that play could have in adult life, especially when combined with breathwork, taking intentional action, and used as a tool for overcoming obstacles, vibrational alignment, and re-membering yourself on a deeper, energetic level.

If you’re in that space now, tired of trying to manifest, evolve, create lasting change, and fully embody your most aligned, authentic, and abundant self, then I want you to know that you are in the right place!

And, I would be honored to guide you through this interactive journey of fun, flow, and freedom so that you become a Phoenix and rise from the ashes of your past, your limiting beliefs, and your ancestral karma.

Just like I did. This is exactly what I need!



An application and initial consultation call are required to ensure 100% alignment.

Play Alchemy 1:1 Private Coaching + Rebirth Ceremony is a bespoke, curated experience that is highly personalized to meet the needs and desires of the individual. Offerings start at an investment level of 5-figures USD for a minimum of 4 months of engagement. Serious inquiries only.

Email with any questions you may have about applying.

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